Hi, I'm Meliors Simms

Meliors Simms

the holistic tooth fairy

I'm the kind of tooth fairy who helps you to keep your teeth!  

I am a self-taught consumer health educator for adults who want to enjoy strong teeth and healthy gums for life.

I offer 1:1 online coaching people all over the world who want to learn how to take charge of their own oral health to heal and prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Click below to book a consultation to develop your own personalised teeth or gum healing plan. 

my story

Do you remember your first major dental work?  

Was it a wisdom tooth extraction, a big cavity or a broken tooth? Mine was a root canal at age 17.  Looking back, I can see that it wasn't just caused by my adolescent diet of marshmallow Easter eggs and orange juice, but also the dislocation of leaving my home town and travelling rough for months at a time.

By my early twenties I had a somewhat settled lifestyle and a much more wholesome diet, but for nearly 30 years I was plagued with constant cavities, toothaches, sensitivity and another five root canals. I was so traumatized by my dental experiences that I even had a panic attack under general anesthetic.

 'Its not fair', I would rage, immobilized with pain and handing over all my disposable income to dentists. 'I brush twice a day and I floss like a boss, I shouldn't have the worst teeth in the world.'

Then, in July 2012, I was prescribed my seventh root canal and something inside me shifted. Instead of helplessly accepting the dentist's advice, I decided to do my own research. I stumbled across Ramiel Nagel's book Cure Tooth Decay: Heal and Prevent Cavities in Nutrition (2012)* and it changed my life!  

I immediately started following a few of his dietary suggestions and within days my root canal settled down. It felt amazing to have found a cure and I wanted more. I gradually became more committed to the book's dietary protocol and then dived deeper into other aspects of holistic teeth healing. Five years later and I've never had another root canal or new cavities.

My teeth have stopped crumbling chipping and cracking, my gums are pink and healthy and I have virtually no plaque. I no longer hesitate to eat hot, cold or crunchy foods, I've saved thousands on dental work and I'm proud of my smile. 

I began sharing my new knowledge with anyone who mentioned a toothache.  When people were willing to follow my suggestions they too experienced dramatic results. And yet, most people aren't aware of the basic principles underlying the holistic strategies that can heal our teeth. 

When it comes to teeth healing I am self-taught and intuitive. I don't have a dental background (unless you count the many hours lying back in a dental chair). However, I have been obsessed with holistic teeth healing for nearly five years of research and experimentation.

My mission is to make holistic teeth healing mainstream. 

My background

I have a Master of Social Sciences (Public Policy and Public Administration).  My experience includes seven years in customer service, eight years in policy and planning consultations and 15 years of practicing and teaching peer counselling. I've been engaged with environmental issues, permaculture and holistic healing for nearly three decades.

I am also an award-winning artist and writer who has been making and exhibiting textile arts and artist's books since 2004. I'm a serial entrepreneur with a number of small businesses under my belt.

Fun Facts

  • I live in Hamilton, New Zealand, where I can be seen riding my bicycle in all weathers.
  • In 2017 I my goal is to eat some fruit, vegetables or herbs from my garden every day of the year.
  • I sew and mend many of my own clothes.
  • I have a near-daily yoga practice stretching back over a decade.
  • I have a three-legged cat called Phryne.
Selfie with Bike


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