What do Nazis have to do with your teeth?

A holistic approach to oral health doesn't stop at the boundaries of our bodies (or even at the edge of our aura).  We exist in communities that are connected globally in real time and our mouths are not separate from what is going on in the world. If you feel like current events are setting your teeth on edge, that is not just a turn of phrase. The political is personal and our teeth can respond rapidly and catastrophically to subconscious thoughts and feelings about what is going on around us.

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MetaphysicalMeliors Simms
Is it really possible to remineralise cavities naturally?

Small cavities are very easy to heal holistically because your body is naturally remineralising your tooth enamel all the time.  You are probably never aware of most of the small cavities that come and go in your mouth throughout your life because they never reach the point of causing you pain. They may cause some sensitivity but they are gone by the time you go to the dentist.

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