Floss with Essential Oils for Good Gum Health

Did you know that gum disease is one of the known markers of heart disease, as well as associated with a number of other conditions including diabetes and Alzheimers? You can help protect your gums and general health by flossing with essential oils. 

Essential oils are anti-bacterial, and help get you extra clean between your teeth and along your gums when you floss.  

If you avoid regular flossing because your gums bleed, using essential oils may clear that right up. And if your gums don't stop the bleeding after a few days of regular flossing with essential oils, it's a good indication that the bleeding is caused by systemic problems that need to be addressed holistically.  When we are in good health and getting appropriate nutrients, our gums are resilient to the bacteria that is part of our mouth's ecosystem. 

Gum disease is primarily the result of a lack of balanced minerals and other nutrients in your diet. Stress can play a significant role. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and adolescent growth spurts all put extra demands on the body that can lead to gum loss. When these factors are at play, gums are vulnerable to the otherwise harmless bacteria in our mouth.

Try the essential oil flossing test in the video to see if you can stop your gums from bleeding in just a few days. 

Recommended Reading

For more excellent information about oral care at home I highly recommend the book Holistic Dental Care: The complete guide to healthy teeth and gums by Nadine Artemis. 

I love recommending books and I love the Book Depository so I have partnered with them for my recommendations. If you choose to purchase through my link I may receive a commission. Win win! Yay!