The Art of Sensual Flossing for Pleasure and Health

If you avoid flossing your teeth because you don't like how it feels, you are probably doing it wrong. With the right floss and correct technique flossing is pleasurable as well as healthy! 

Watch me demonstrate my feel-good flossing method.  This is an excerpt from a video in the free Seven Day Healthy Teeth Challenge. Join the Challenge for free right now!

Free 7 Day Healthy Teeth Challenge


You brush and floss just like you've been taught, so why do you still get cavities?

Are you confident that the techniques, tools and ingredients of your oral self care routine are optimal for your particular needs?

The right oral hygiene self-care will help you to

😁   prevent cavities

😁  whiten your teeth

😁  stabilize receding gums

😁  manage gingivitis and caries

😁  avoid dental procedures (imagine not needing to be scraped clean by a hygienist!)

If you would like to know about the best natural toothpastes, toothbrushes, flosses and techniques

...and which ones are most appropriate for whitening teeth, preventing cavities or stabilizing receding gums;

...if you would like to be the kind of person who enjoys choosing to take good care of your teeth;

...if you find it easier to stick with healthy habits when you have a buddy or group to help keep you on track;

You need this Free Seven Day Healthy Teeth Challenge.

You will:

Optimise your oral self care routine with the best holistic teeth cleaning strategies for your dental needs (and your budget).

Daily emails and videos so you can LEARN something NEW and TRY something FUN every day!

Just 5-15 minutes per day... while you are cleaning your teeth.