Blissed Out on Remineralisation

In my second podcast interview this week you can listen to me being live-coached by Ashleigh Rae, Meditation Ninja. On a special episode of her #BlissedOut podcast, she answers all my questions about making guided meditations to support teeth and gum health.

The hour is packed full of both teeth and gum healing insights and information on what makes a good guided meditation. Also quite a lot of laughter, because Ashleigh Rae is hilarious.  We had so much fun and I now feel completely set up to start making guided meditations.

As you will hear, as I repeatedly interrupt Ashleigh Rae's flow with one new idea after another, because I'm bubbling over with plans.  I'm looking into making a whole catalog that includes everything from a short mindfulness meditation to listen to while brushing your teeth, to a remineralization visualization, to a dental chair relaxation for even the most arduous procedures. And more- tune into the podcast to find out my plans, or subscribe to the Circle, my weekly email, to get notified as the recordings are released.  

I'm also now offering personalized meditations to clients as part of all my ongoing coaching packages up until the end of June (from July personalized meditations will be only available with VIP coaching).  

Listen to the podcast here