7 Day Healthy Teeth Challenge

You brush and floss like a boss,

so why do you still get cavities?




Why change the way you brush your teeth?

It's been good enough for the last twenty years. Or has it?

The right oral hygiene self-care can help you to:

  • prevent cavities

  • whiten your teeth

  • stabilize receding gums

  • manage gingivitis and caries

  • avoid dental procedures (imagine not needing to be scraped clean by a hygienist!)



Why do the 7 Day Healthy Teeth Challenge?

Are you confident that the techniques, tools and ingredients of your oral self care routine are optimal for your particular needs?

If you would like to know about the best natural toothpastes, toothbrushes, flosses and techniques

...and which ones are most appropriate for whitening teeth, preventing cavities or stabilizing receding gums;

...or if you would like to be the kind of person who enjoys choosing to take good care of your teeth;

...or if you find it easier to stick with healthy habits when you have a buddy or group to help keep you on track;

then this #healthyteethchallenge is for you!



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Turn your dull tooth brushing routine (that doesn't even stop cavities) into a fun, fresh optimized oral self care habit that really works.


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