I'm Meliors Simms, the Holistic Tooth Fairy

In July 2012, I was waiting in agony for my seventh root canal, when I discovered how to heal my own teeth. With some simple additions to my regular diet, I was able to reduce my toothache within hours and when I went back to the dentist after a week the infection was gone and I postponed that root canal indefinitely.

I was so excited by this amazing and empowering experience that I continued researching and discovered a wide variety of natural, holistic strategies for healing teeth.

Today I'm sharing the Emergency Teeth Relief Toolkit which outlines seven of the easiest and fast acting holistic strategies for curing toothache. You don't have to try them all and there's something to suit every lifestyle and budget. You don't even have to give up sugar (though that's a good idea too) in order to cure your toothache right now.